Variation In Individual Span Of Life

Maulana Abul Kalam AzadThe Tarjuman al-Qur’an1968

Every individual life has to pass through childhood, youth, adolescence, manhood, maturity and obsolescence Every stage rouses new sensations and feelings, and presents new experiences and trials, so much so, that before we are satisfied with the experiences incidental to one stage, the next stage unobtrusively puts in its appearance, rendering us insensitive to the length of life we have lived.

“He it is who created you of dust, then of the germ of life, then of a blood-clot, then brought you forth as a child. Then He letteth you reach your full strength, and then become old men – though some of you die early – and reach the appointed term that haply ye may understand.”

Surah: Ghafir (The Forgiver) – Chapter: 40 – Verse 67