Maulana Abul Kalam AzadThe Tarjuman al-Qur’an1968

Rahmat – But what is this Rahmat of God? The Qur’an points out that whatever beauty or perfection that there is in life, is but an expression of the divine Rahmat.

When we reflect over the life of the universe, the most pointed reality that strikes us is the order that subsists therein – the Nizam-i-Rububiyat. It is through this order that we are introduced to Nature: and when we get to know it a little closer, we realize that a greater reality than this order is at work everywhere and on which this very order depends.

And what is the objective of this order, this Rububiyat? It is sustenance of life in the universe. But sustenance alone is not the whole objective. Something greater than this is in view. Sustenance is but a means to the development of beauty in everything. We notice that there is a design in the life of the universe, and that there is beauty in this design. There is in its disposition the sense of balance. Its actions display specific attributes. In its visage there is beauty. In its voice there is music. In its smell there is perfume, and there is nothing about it which does not contribute to the upkeep of its edifice. This aspect of life is greater in its reaches than the orderliness (Rububiyat) that dwells therein. And this reality the Qur’an designates as Rahmat, an attribute which displays the qualities of both Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim, the graciousness and mercifulness of God.