For Every Action One Does In This Life

Maulana Abul Kalam AzadThe Tarjuman al-Qur’an1968

Chapter LI (51) entitled Al-Dhariyat – Scatterers, is devoted chiefly to the subject of requital, din, or the consequences in the life hereafter of what one does in this, “Surely,” states the Qur’an, “it is the truth of which you are forewarned. Judgment is sure to be delivered.” The idea is emphasized by the reference to the functioning of Rububiyat in nature.

“By the clouds which scatter with scattering,
By those (winds) which bear their load,
And by those which speed lightly along,
And those which apportion by command!”

Surah: Al-Dhariyat (Scatterers) – Chapter: 51 – Verses: 1-4

This is reinforced by an appeal to the facts of life:

“And in the earth are signs for those who are of firm belief,
And also in your own selves:
Will ye not then notice them?
The heaven hath sustenance for you, and containeth that
which ye are promised.”

Surah: Al-Dhariyat (Scatterers) – Chapter: 51 – Verses: 20-22

To clench the whole issue, the Qur’an asserts:

“By the Lord of the heaven and of the earth, verily. this is the truth even as ye speak yourselves.”

Surah: Al-Dhariyat (Scatterers) – Chapter: 51 – Verses: 23

The affirmation is emphatic and amounts to suggest that even as provisions of this life are provided by God, even so, a recompense in the life to follow is provided by God for every action one does in this life.