The Law Of Takhliq-Bil-Haq

Maulana Abul Kalam AzadThe Tarjuman al-Qur’an1968

The Qur’an says: the first thing that will strike him will be this, that there is a universal law of life, the law of Takhliq-bil-Haq or of creation in right form, which binds all things together. He will find that everything in the universe is so designed that it is linked to every other under a single principle of life, and that everything is fitted into this scheme for a specific purpose, and that nothing is created in vain. He will find that the entire order has a definite objective before it.

“God hath created the heavens and the earth for a serious end: Verily in this is a sign (of divine purpose) to those who believe.”

Surah: Al-‘Ankabut (The Spider) – Chapter: 29 – Verse: 44

In the chapter, Al ‘Imran, there occurs the well-known verse:

“Our Lord! All this, Thou hast not created in vain.”

Surah: Al ‘Imran (The Family of ‘Imran) – Chapter: 3 – Verse: 191

In another place, while drawing the attention to the benevolent working of the planetary system, the same term Takhliq-bil-Haq is employed.

“It is He who hath appointed the sun for brightness and the moon for light, and hath ordained her stations that ye may learn the numbering of years and the reckoning (of time). God hath not created all this but for a serious end. He maketh his signs clear to those who understand.”

Surah: Jonah (Yunus) – Chapter: 10 – Verse: 5

The ‘life hereafter’ or the life after death is also governed by the same Takhliq-bil-Haq. Everything in universe serves a purpose or moves towards a specific goal. So it is with the life of man which has a purpose to serve or a goal towards which it has to move. The goal is the ‘life hereafter.’ For, it is unthinkable that man should be created just to live for a few moments and then get completely annihilated.

“Have they not considered within themselves that God hath not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them but for a serious end and for a fixed term? But truly most men believe not that they shall meet their Lord.”

Surah: Al-Rum (The Romans) – Chapter: 30 – Verse: 8