Nothing is abstruse here!

Maulana Abul Kalam AzadThe Tarjuman al-Qur’an1968

Now, think it over. What plainer view can be taken of human devotion to God and all that it implies than what is presented in this chapter? Here are but seven brief phrases, each of not more than give words, every word crystal clear and impressive. God is here invoked in His attributes, the manifestations of which man beholds day in and day out, however much he may, through indifference, neglect to reflect upon them. Here you have man’s admission of his absolute dependence on God, his acknowledgement of the divine kindness shown to him, his earnest yearning to be saved from the pitfalls of life and to be led along the straight path. Nothing is abstruse here! Since we repeat this Surat so frequently and have grown so familiar with it, it may look as if it is but a commonplace concept of religion. But this very comonplace concept, till it emerged before man, was by no means commonplace or easy to grasp. So it is with everything real. So long as it does not come into sight, it looks as if there is nothing more difficult to perceive. When it is brought to view, what is there so clear and plain?